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Welcome to Elite By Nature - a Guild who wants to take their DDO Experience to the Next Level

No dying, no whining, no drama - just Veteran Players with the ability, strategy, and experience necessary to take our Members to the End-Game of DDO.

The majority of our members are True Resurrected characters, with multiple toons in the high teens, or 20's. This is a guild filled with people who have done it all before, who know how to succeed.

We truly believe in supporting our members and doing things as a TEAM. This allows us the insight as to what our members are capable of, and we have come to know, and expect to be joined and surrounded by players who actually know what they are doing, and how to best benefit the group as a whole.

This is NOT a guild for new players, or quitters. This is a guild for High-Level, like minded individuals who do not accept failure as an option.

What does this mean for you?

It means that you WILL be flagged for raids. It means that you WILL have the best gear in the game. It means that you WILL be crafting Green Steel items. It means that all of those things you want your character to achieve WILL be achieved.

What do we expect?

We expect you to play, regularly. We expect to see a desire to raid. We expect to see you care as much as we do. We expect you to  play your character to the best of your ability. We expect you to understand our Guild Philosphy of helping each other out, to attain the best for us as a whole. We expect you to ask questions, and answer them when others ask.  Finally, though, and certainly not the least, WE EXPECT YOU TO HAVE A GREAT TIME. We are all investing in this game - time, energy, money. None of us want those expenditures wasted doing something we aren't having fun doing.

Working on getting more renown to unlock more shrines
Leveling our Newly TR'ed Characters
Gearing up all our characters


Gratz EBN!

Badkarma8, May 4, 11 1:31 AM.
Congratulations EBN on reaching level 60!  A big thank you to all members for your dedication in making this happen!  You guys deserve all the perks!!

EBN is Airbourne!

Thoryndar, Jul 14, 10 2:00 AM.



Grats, Everyone!!!

25th on Server

Thoryndar, Jul 7, 10 2:48 PM.
For those of you who haven't yet seen it, the Guild Leaderboards are live on DDO.


A few Key Points: 

While we still do not have "the numbers and math" on how exactly renown works in terms of Guild Size, we are currently 25th on the server. With 25 guilds displaying per page, and 76 pages filled with them, that number is about 1,900. Think about that for a second: We are ranked 25th out of 1900.

Something else to consider: As a guild, we primarily play at night, not during the days (with the exception of our over-seas friends,) so the time we are actually investing is *theoretically* halved.

Remember, everyone, we stated: "We truly believe in supporting our members and doing things as a TEAM."

From the looks of it, we are doing just that.

Conclusion: Everyone, this is an AWESOME accomplishment, and we ALL helped make it happen. We deserve to be proud, and we should be.

Grats, to all of us. :)
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